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Introducing “Renaissance Heterogeneity”

The latest collection of paintings by artist Nika Arminé. Together, these works are an elusive exploration and expression of character development. Nika’s subjects inhabit environments of abstraction, of striking shapes and colors that beckon and challenge the beholder to create new and individual narratives.

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“To me, drawing and painting is all about exploring and expressing the true essence of a subject. I avoid, insofar as it’s possible, imposing my own preconceptions and perspectives in my work. For me, it’s not about forcing into being some foreseen finished product. Rather, I allow the nature, the core of a subject or theme to grow organically through me onto the canvas.”

Nika Arminé

feeling paris_final.jpg
Renaissance_drawing_ Heterogeneity_1.jpg
© Nika Arminé 2020
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